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Friday, November 16, 2012

Be A Volunteer Firefighter!

May your Diwali celebration of candles, lamps, and fireworks not be mistaken for maniacal pyromania.

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Method Soaps, Perfect For Families

I'm doing my part to save the planet by occasionally using method hand soap.

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MethodHome.Com @ a great price.

Bottles made from 
"ocean plastic", 
in order to reduce 
the amount of pollution 
in the water.

Dish, Laundry, Cleaning, Hand, & Body SOAPS 


WikiLeaks: Learn The Truth About Our Government

Please don't leak to anyone that I don't remotely understand WikiLeaks.

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"WikiLeaks has combined high-end security technologies with journalism and ethical principles. Like other media outlets conducting investigative journalism, we accept (but do not solicit) anonymous sources of information. Unlike other outlets, we provide a high security anonymous drop box fortified by cutting-edge cryptographic information technologies. This provides maximum protection to our sources. We are fearless in our efforts to get the unvarnished truth out to the public. When information comes in, our journalists analyse the material, verify it and write a news piece about it describing its significance to society. We then publish both the news story and the original material in order to enable readers to analyse the story in the context of the original source material themselves. Our news stories are in the comfortable presentation style of Wikipedia, although the two organisations are not otherwise related. Unlike Wikipedia, random readers can not edit our source documents."

"WikiLeaks has sustained and triumphed against legal and political attacks designed to silence our publishing organisation, our journalists and our anonymous sources. The broader principles on which our work is based are the defense of freedom of speech and media publishing, the improvement of our common historical record and the support of the rights of all people to create new history. We derive these principles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In particular, Article 19 inspires the work of our journalists and other volunteers. It states that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. We agree, and we seek to uphold this and the other Articles of the Declaration."

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Internet Dating

Funny Flirting Ecard: I wish I could select all of your clothes and press Delete.

There are several free websites that you may choose to date on, but one in particular offers a lot of really cool functions.  It tells you the percentage of match that you are, which can make for some really interesting conversations.  It encourages you to answer a lot of philosophical questions, and 'ranks' your answers, as part of that scientific dating process, thus you have a pretty good idea of who you are talking to if they have devoted a pretty good amount of time to the process.  The more you put into it, the more you get.  The Boston Globe called it "the Google of online dating," which is pretty much the best possible review, meaning that it is vast, precise, and extremely interesting.  This website is:


Clearly, there is a stigma about online dating, but hey, clearly this site is really popular.  Have fun!  Just to say that at least you tried, take the awesome in depth personality test, if not just for some personal insight.  The results are supposedly quite accurate ...  Here's the link:

The Perfect Random Gifting

Fucking Bad Asses

Fucking Bad Asses
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Resumes *Not* To Learn From

Funny Workplace Ecard: My resume is basically a list of things I hate to do.

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Google.Com Answers All Except Prayers:

Creative Director: Megan Oliver-Parker

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