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Monday, October 15, 2012

Into Antebellum: Modern Slavery

One day we'll look back on these 210 years of soul-crushing slavery and laugh (*originally sent circa 1200 BCE*).

Top 10 Facts about Modern Slavery:

  • Slavery: Forced to work without pay under threat of violence and unable to walk away.
  • 27 million slaves in the world today
  • Slavery is not legal anywhere but happens everywhere.
  • The majority of slaves can be found in India and in African countries.
  • At least 14,500 slaves are trafficked into the US each year.
  • Slaves work in fields, brothels, homes, mines, restaurants, — anywhere slave owners can feed their greed.
  • Human trafficking is the modern-day slave trade.
  • $90 is the average cost of a human slave around the world.
  • Slave owners use many terms to avoid the word slavery: debt bondage, bonded labor, attached labor, restavec, forced labor, indentured servitude, and human trafficking.
  • It is possible to end slavery in 25 years. Everyone has a role to play – government, business, international organizations, consumers, YOU. (2)

antebellum [ˌæntɪˈbɛləm]
of or during the period before a war, esp the American Civil War the antebellum South
[Latin ante bellum, literally: before the war] (3)

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Flogging a Slave Fastened to the Ground1

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