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Monday, October 22, 2012

Creative Contact Paper

The following details creative ways to use contact paper:


1. Collect fallen leaves.  Press under weight in between wax paper until crisp and dehydrated.  Unroll a sheet of contact paper and place leaves as desired onto adhesive.  Press sheet with leaves on it onto a wall or cabinet, etc.  Smooth properly while applying: Pick one corner and zig-zag with finger to press on. 

2. Replace the leaves with snowflakes or any other shapes, like paper hearts or dolls, that you cut from bright/funky paper or any type of paper that suits you.

3. "Spray glitter" onto your walls and cover with contact paper.

a. Use contact paper process on books, picture frames, greeting cards/post cards, etc. 

Click on each title to learn more:

"Long Weekend Stencil Project"

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