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Monday, October 1, 2012

How 2 Write/Publish eBooks 4 Free (& Profit!)

The following details how to write and publish eBooks for free:
I'm impressed by your writing. Are you a prosfesiaonl or just very knowledgeable?

A Great Option:  

Find charities that have a website and can promote charitable eBook sales.  Write custom stories for them, perhaps about their ideals or the people they help, either fiction or non-fiction.  Keep a portion of the proceeds to cover the administration costs (your time + online production cost).  Sell eBooks for $9 a piece.  $1 is used in production costs, see below.  $7 benefits the charity once the book is sold, and you keep $1 as profit.  

Boast that they can write off $7 for each book purchase on their taxes, and that sending their friends, families, and colleagues such interesting gifts would be a unique way to express their appreciation for them.  Be sure to promote the charity and the book sale clearly within each book, and advertise that you have done so when selling.

Write one book for as many charities as possible.  If popularity increases from a particular title, write another one for the same charity, perhaps as sort of series.  With this in mind, consider when writing the original titles that a second book in a possible series may be a likely outcome, thus try to let this idea enrich your inspiration, so your second book, once you come back to that creative process, will be as 'perfect as possible' - or even better!  Just be very thoughtful when choosing your topic.  Make characters/ideas as complex and uplifting as possible, so people will be excited when they see a new release.

The Writing Process:

Write your story.  Choose from any style of writing and from any topic.  Use a free Google account to utilize the Drive, which includes a word processor and lots of online storage space, which enables you to log into your work anywhere there is Internet.

You are also able to create presentations as needed.  You can download your work as PDF or Word documents when ready.
Edit your story.  As long as your words flow smoothly and your grammar is decent, your work is perfect.  Writing is about expressing yourself and every vision is unique, thus it will be appreciated as such.  Reading your work aloud will give you a better feel for your voice and help you settle into a writing style.  

Illustrate your story.  CLICK HERE TO find "Free Photos/Images For Various Uses." CLICK HERE TO VIEW "Tools For The Entrepreneur", which can provide you with some interesting options.

Choose an interesting cover for your story that is highly marketable.  Upload your story.  Uploading and formatting may be a bit of a trial.  It is essential to have a professional interior and exterior.  

Lulu.Com is one of the best book hosting websites.  You can upload for free, and formatting should happen automatically if you upload a document that adheres to their guidelines, yet you may have to edit as necessary upon review of your uploaded work.  Sell your story.  Lulu.Com keeps $0.99 from every copy sold, so you will have to set the sales price higher than that to earn a profit.  Every book receives it's own webpage where it may be downloaded as needed.  

Definitely promote your book on Facebook (on your personal page & on your newly created fan page), Twitter, and Craigslist.  You should start a blog with your Google account to track your daily life and inform consumers about yourself.  Create an interesting biography that is vivid, yet pretty short.  You may sell your book on Amazon, eBay, and other sites.  

Solicit an advertising partner to sponsor the production of brochures and mailers in exchange for ad placements on them by sending out emails directing to your blog, which includes links to your book and social media pages, and offering  a free copy if they are interested in the marketing opportunity.  Consider donating a portion of your proceeds to a charity that has a similar theme as your story , which will help your book promotion process.  

You may convert to an audio-book in the future, to increase sales.

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