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Monday, October 22, 2012

How To Copy & Paste Text On A Computer

The following tells you how to copy & paste text on a computer, using a 'SHORT-CUT':


A "shortcut" is something you can easily do on a computer keyboard that will help you complete a more complicated computer task.

For example, you may want to "copy" text and "paste" it somewhere else.

All you need to do is hit the proper keys after you have highlighted the text with your mouse.  

Highlight text by holding down the mouse button (usually the one on the left) when your cursor is at the beginning of the text you wish to copy, and dragging the cursor over the remainder of the text you wish to copy, then releasing the mouse button.  Your text should now appear highlighted.

You will have to hit 2 buttons at the same time to accomplish tasks.

CTRL+C = copy

CTRL+V = paste 
(once text is copied move your cursor to where you want it be and click once, THEN paste.)

CTRL+X = cut  
(to remove the text rather than copying - you can still paste it.)

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