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Monday, October 22, 2012

Making Money With Your Photography

The following details ideas about making money with your photography:

Make products with your photography and offer a portion of the proceeds to a certain charity, like your local 4-H.  Contact charities to see if they want to participate.  Try to lock things down with a solid long-term money-hungry organization, like Girlscouts, LOL.  

You may create a website of the photos that will be involved in the products, and a list of the products that will be available.  You make take pre-orders at a discounted price to raise money for the production costs.  

CLICK HERE TO learn more about selling stuff and prepping your website.  Get the members of the organization involved in the selling process. Ex: Get them to share it on their Facebook 7 Twitter accounts, etc.

Get 500 postcards printed for $47.95 plus tax, shipping & handling at PrintRunner.Com.  Sponsor the production of these postcards by selling useful advertising on the back.  For example, take a couple inches on the bottom and split it between the charity organization and the sponsoring organization.  Sell the advertisement for at least $75 (which is $0.15 cents a postcard).  Pick a sponsor that would benefit from being associated with the charity.  A 4-H group would likely be sponsored by a feed, tractor supply, or other such store.  If you wish, place a saying on the front of the postcard, in order to increase sales.  Happy Birthday isn't a bad idea, but something more vague may be better sold.  

CLICK HERE TO read an article that may inspire you. 

Investigate more printing options at PrintRunner.Com.  They have SO MANY products to choose from.

VistaPrint.Com also prints various items, but you may find the pricing to be a bit steeper.

Be sure to include your personal website/blog in the corner of every item printed so that you are promoting yourself on every product!!!

Once again, CLICK HERE TO learn more about selling stuff and prepping your website.  Create blog posts on Blogger about everything you do, and have specific category.  Talk about the organizations you are working with and update the public on the progress you have made and on news pertaining to the group under the label/category "fundraising efforts."  Create a post for every available product under the label/category "products."  Have you been honored or has your work been displayed or used somehow?  Have you joined some sort of art group.  Create posts for each topic/event under the label/category "press" or "activities."       

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