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Friday, October 19, 2012

TOXIC Plastic Ingredient! Avoid Certain Types!

"BPA (Bisphenol A) has been linked to breast, prostate, and uterine cancer, decreased testosterone, Type II Diabetes, Attention Deficit Disorder, and more. Federal health agencies have found that 95% of people tested had levels of BPA in their system. (This is exactly why having a strong immune system is so important) (1)."

"F.D.A. Makes It Official: 

BPA Can’t Be Used in 

Baby Bottles and Cups"

"Learn these Recycling Numbers:

Safe-[EST] Plastic: 
(made from safe, polyethylene, or polypropylene) 
#2 Recycling symbol: (HDPE- High Density Polyethylene) 
#4 Recycling symbol: (LDPE-Low Density Polyethylene) 
#5 Recycling symbol: (Polypropylene) (1)."

Worst Plastics: (Contains BPA (Bisphenol A) which can be leached into the consumable product) 
#3 Recycling symbol: Polyvinyl chloride (vinyl or PVC) - (generally not recyclable) 
#6 Recycling symbol: Polystyrene 
#7 Recycling symbol: (Polycarbonate) 

Mediocre Plastic: (contains BPA which is released over time) 
#1 Recycling symbol– Designed for one-time use only.
Also labeled as PETE (Polyethyl Tetra Ethelene)
This is the type of bottle that water is usually sold in. Do not refill this bottle - the chemical bond breaks down over time, and then can transfer BPA into the liquid. Many people who are concerned about the environmental impact of using a bottle only once and then throwing it away will refill #1 bottles. We don’t recommend this because over time, as they are tumbled around in your car, become dented, etc. BPA is released. We suggest you avoid buying #1 bottles whenever possible, and switch to refillable stainless steel or glass bottles, a much better alternative for both you and the environment 

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