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Thursday, October 18, 2012

pH Food Chart: Eat Your Way To Perfect Health (80/20)

The pH system, which applies to all in nature is composed of acids and alkalines (also referred to as bases).  If your blood chemistry is slightly alkaline viruses and bacteria are incapable of thriving in your system.  Abnormal cells that can become cancerous can only become abnormal if the environmnet is too acidic (not alkaline enough).  Therefore, if your body is slightly alkaline you cannot even get cancer (or keep it).

The best way to implement and maintain the proper blood chemistry / pH level in your body is by monitoring your food intake.  Thus, you can literally EAT YOUR WAY TO PERFECT HEALTH. 

Eat 80% of your food from alkaline foods. 
The most alkaline the better, but maintain a variety.
Eat only 20% of your food from acidic foods.
Strive to eat most of your acidic foods from the lowest acid group and avoid the rest of them almost completely!

Print it and put it on your fridge!

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