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Friday, October 26, 2012


The following is information about using the social networking site Twitter.Com, which is great for both personal and professional use (although, perhaps not both uses on one account):

Funny Groundhog Day Ecard: Reading your tweets about Groundhog Day makes me feel like I'm in the movie Groundhog Day.

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Sorry your seemingly original joke was already made 200 times on Twitter.

First and foremost (see the "glossary" below as needed) ... People tend to follow you back once you follow them.  Follow about 75 new people a day.  You can search for key words that might bring up "tweets" and/or users that share common interests with you, and thus will be more likely to follow you back and less likely to report you as a "spam" account.  Use "hashtags" as they are relevant to attract more attention to your tweets.  Be aware that you may always delete your own tweets, but if you RE-TWEET another's tweets, you may NEVER delete that from your page; So, check all "links" if you simply must re-tweet, rather than just do your own version of their tweet.  To mention another user, state their name by using the @ symbol in front of their profile name, which automatically links to their profile/account, which is something everyone creates when they create their account to provide more information about yourself to the public.    


"Tweet": 140 character announcement to all you followers and anyone who decides to research a topic that you have written about or view your page.

"Spam": Like a telemarketer, unwanted but tolerated if the pitch is right.

"Hashtag": Ex - #environmentalism OR #goinggreen.

"Link": means click here to go the mentioned place.


CLICK HERE TO read "7 Things You Should Know About Twitter."

All I want for Christmas is a pity retweet.

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